Luxworks - Room Sprays

Luxworks - Room Sprays

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100% Natural

CLEANSE THE SPACE takes it to the next level to clear unwanted energy or 'bad vibes' from a space. With the plant powers of Sage, widely known for its ability to cleanse negative energy, it will create a calming, soothing environment.

SET THE SPACE creates an amazing feeling & vibe in any room where people feel instantly welcome & comfortable. With the plant powers of Patchouli which is known for creating an atmosphere of natural life flow. 

FACE REFRESH Keep in a purse, car, office and home. Made with Rosewater, the skin hydration queen of Mother Nature while Colloidal Silver is renowned for its anti microbial properties, creating the perfect combination spray.


All products highlight New Zealand grown raw materials, no chemicals anywhere.

Purchase separately or buy the set at a reduced price. 

The set includes a wooden tray as pictured.  

Bottled in glass and each contains 100ml