Luxworks - The Daily Range

Luxworks - The Daily Range

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Room or Space Sprays - 100% Natural

EMBRACE, for mornings, with Mamaku and Jasmine.  EMBRACE is used to start the day with intention, peace and clarity.  

RESET, for during the day, with Spearmint and Manuka.  Use RESET to declutter and re-energise.  Perfect for keeping in the car, on your desk or at home.

RELAX, for the evening or bedtime, with Lavender and Rose.  With the plant power of NZ Lavender to help a move into the evening relaxed and abundant.

All products highlight New Zealand grown raw materials, no chemicals anywhere.

Purchase separately or buy the set at a reduced price. 

The set includes a wooden tray as pictured.  

Bottled in glass and each contains 100ml.