Becca Project - Coconut Soy Candles
Becca Project - Coconut Soy Candles

Becca Project - Coconut Soy Candles

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Becca Project Candles aren't like most other candles. not only do they use real certified organic essential oils (most candle companies use only fragrance), all natural coconut soy wax and 100% phthalate free fragrance oils, it is also well and truly hand-made by in New Zealand. The crackle of the natural wooden wicks kindles a sense of fireside warmth and tranquility.

Available in 2 sizes, Small or Medium

Choose from these beautiful fragrances:
Wildflower: This feminine candle is a beautiful grounding blend of ROSE, LIME, SANDALWOOD, PETITGRAIN & GRAPEFRUIT. With its hint of rose and tropical vibes it is perfect for a staycation.
Toffee: This warm and spicy Toffee candle is a buttery blend of CINNAMON & VANILLA. These oils stimulating aroma supports that get up and go feeling during the Winter months.  
Envy: Envy is a clean and crisp blend of BERGAMOT, VETIVER, LIME & PEPPER. Envy is the perfect combination of oils to uplift and energise.  
Dreamer: This luxurious candle is a musky blend of LAVENDER, CHAMOMILE, SANDALWOOD, FRANKINCENSE, ORANGE, PETITGRAIN & YLANG YLANG. It is the best way to calm your body and mind and prepare yourself for a restful nights sleep.